Custom Brewery Shirts

May 02, 2017

Secret Marketing Weapon Top Breweries Love!

Walking billboards (custom shirts).

Custom printed shirts with your brand name are one of the best forms of low cost / high impact advertising. You get a walking billboard traveling around promoting your brand without paying them and often times getting paid to have them wear your advertisement. Even if you give away your custom branded shirts, you could easily see return on investement in the brand building, advertising and exposure. 

It does not stop at having your customers wear your brand, you will want to gear up your team with your new branded clothing too. With our low minimums, you can constantly create small batch runs of custom shirts to go with your new product launches, special events, impressing a loyal client or even increasing sales. In fact you can even run small batches to match the seasons (tank tops for summer and hoodies for winter). 


Here are a few advantages to small batches.

Quickly expand your offering.

The ability to expand your offering with a variety of color options, style options and designs. With traditional screen pringting you will have minimums of 74 and 144, so it can add up fast when you want a shirt, tank top and hoodie in a few colors, sizes and designs. 


Keep a just in time inventory. 

Keep your inventory under control with our low minimums. You could keep a dozen of your custom shirts in stock, if you sell out of mediums, you can re-order just mediums to replenish the hole in your inventory. I get bummed when I to support a favorite brew and try to purchase their clothing only to find our my size is sold out. We can help you keep the sizes available. 


Change styles when styles change.

You can create fresh new designs to launch and stay on trend. Don't try to build a clothing line, just create simple small batch designs to promote your brand, batches and special events. Once sales on a shirt design slows down, you will wont have excess inventory strapping down your cash flow. 


Experiment with different batches.

With a small investment, you can try out those edgy ideas in your head that might be too risky on 144 peices. Get a dozen made, if they fly off the shelf like you thought, then ramp it up. If they just did not perform like you hoped, you now have some great prizes for your social media promotions! Fail fast, fail cheap until you find your perfect mix. 


Get your return on investment.

Even if you give the shirts away and you could see return on investement in the brand building, advertising and exposure. Fans will wear your shirt for years sending you new business and us.  


Get your team dressed up and make some of your branded merchandise available to your loyal fans!

Talk with us today to get started. (858) 220-8621


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We enjoy working with clients to bring forth creations that your customers will love while helping you expose your brand. We specialize in custom clothing creation, marketing merchandise, and website development. We want to help you make cool stuff. Check out some of the things we do, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks!


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